Customer Support

Ashley enhanced photoAccording to our customers, TSI is #1 in customer service. This is proven by our impeccable customer retention and constant repeat business. With TSI you can expect:

  • RespectWe welcome you as our customer. We will listen to you and work with you to understand your individual business and system needs.
  • Easy access to servicesWe give you quick and easy access to the right products and services.
  • Quality informationWe are committed to providing consistent and accurate information. We will explain our recommendations and decisions to you.
  • Fair and transparent servicesWe will be open and honest with you and follow through on our commitments. We will tell you how we make our decisions and how you can check that we are being fair.
  • Professional consultationWe use our decades of experience to help you make the right decisions for today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s.
  • EfficiencyWe simplify the way we deliver services to you. We will streamline processes to save time and money while providing a positive experience.


TSI at a glance:
✓ Customized system design and integration
✓ Qualified local technical support
✓ Superior customer service
✓ Competitive pricing
✓ Prompt, accurate quotes
✓ Latest technology
✓ Flawless, timely installation


We are happy to provide you with a list of TSI references upon your request. Contact for more information. We are looking forward to serving you.