Casino Security Integration

TSI is an industry leader in casino security integration and therefore has the experience and expertise to properly address all of your specific security needs while allowing for cost-effective future expansion and upgrades.
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Retail Security Systems

From loss prevention and parking lot safety to better customer service and store optimization, TSI has transformed the way retail professionals successfully run their businesses.
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Commercial and Industrial Security

From corporate offices to hotel resorts, TSI will design the most cost-effective solution to properly address the specific security needs of your business facility.
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Health Care & Hospital Security

Protect your staff and patients, reduce liability claims, and monitor narcotics with a comprehensive security system designed by TSI to provide a safer hospital environment.
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School and University Security

Monitor school entry points using access control, and achieve complete visibility of school premises and parking lots, in order to deter vandalism and protect staff and students.
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Municipality and Government Security

Allow TSI to seamlessly integrate a functional, municipal security system that will specifically address your security needs to deter crime and to safeguard your city and its citizens.
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Critical Infrastructure Security

Allow TSI to design a state-of-the-art security system to safeguard any critical infrastructure site while exceeding all compliance standards.
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Finance & Banking Security Systems

Effectively monitor your facility with a custom security system from TSI that will provide alarm notification and archiving, as well as remote investigative tools in order to safeguard your employees, customers and assets.
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Military Security Integration

Protect and secure our nation’s most valuable assets, our military personnel and overall, our freedom, with a comprehensive security system that exceeds all compliance standards.
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Recent Projects

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