Meet our CEO

SWANNYWho is Swanny?  Craig Swankosky a.k.a. “Swanny” is more than just a well-recognized name in the industry.  At his core, Swanny is a man who believes in hard work and loyalty to his family, customers and employees.

Swanny was born in Glendale, CA and raised in Ventura County, CA.  His parents instilled a strong work ethic in him from a young age, so at the age of 12 he began his first paid position as a paperboy.  By the age of 14 he was working full-time and has done so ever since.

At 18 years old, Swanny began a career as a carpenter until a debilitating back injury changed his career path forever.  At the age of 26 with a young family to support, Swanny went to college to obtain his degree in Electronics Technology while working full-time at Pelco.

During his years at Pelco, Swanny was indoctrinated into Pelco’s commitment to “fanatical customer service.”  From Pelco, he went to work for a systems integration company where he was able to expand his knowledge and apply his customer service commitment to end-users.  After 9 years of project management both nationally and internationally predominately in the gaming market, Swanny opened Technical Security Integration, Inc. in 2004.

Swanny believes in going above and beyond for his customers.  He recognizes that treating customers fairly is the right thing to do, and as a result, he has committed his entire company to that belief from the start.  Swanny learned early-on that the only way to deliver “fanatical customer service” was to be in close proximity to his customers.  Therefore, he is committed to hiring local support staff wherever our customers take us.  We now have offices and support staff in 8 states across the country and serve nationwide, doing what we do best: Providing local, fanatical service and support for our customers.