TSI is one of the largest system integrators in the casino market. Over the past ten years, we have established a solid reputation as the premier solutions and services provider for the casino industry. Our national footprint with showcase installations on the Las Vegas Strip, easily allows us to share our vast experience and in-depth technical knowledge with you. Our Security Consultants pride themselves on helping you to anticipate all casino security challenges that may arise; to chart your technology roadmap; and to budget for future growth. We serve all gaming facilities including; casinos, card rooms and bingo halls.

Stratosphere, Circus Circus and other Vegas resorts at night.


TSI security solutions enable you to:

  • Quickly identify scams, cheats and collusion
  • Maintain integrity of the gamesgaming1
  • Secure cash, assets, employees and customers
  • Easily integrate 3rd party systems for investigative analysis
  • Consistently meet and exceed all regulatory requirements
  • Cost-effectively and easily allow for future upgrades and expansions (i.e. migrate from Analog to IP Video)
  • Protect against false liability claims
  • Guard against robbery, theft, and other criminal activity
  • Maximize your surveillance staff’s operational efficiency


Casino Security Solutions

  • IP and Analog CCTV cameras
  • Digital Recording Solutions
  • Access Control
  • Commercial Sound & Paging Systems
  • Biometrics
  • Distributed A/V
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • IP Based Systems
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Early Warning/Mass Notification Systems
  • Wireless Transmission Systems
  • Fiber Optics
  • Network Infrastructure


Compliance and Functionality

  • Meets all national, state and tribal gaming regulationsgaming2
  • Open systems architecture allows for integration with 3rd party systems’ analytics and investigative analysis
  • Single seat view of all gaming activities
  • Video management systems designed for 24/7 monitoring and recording
  • Consultative services to work within your budget/cap ex


Video Surveillance and Analyticsgaming3

  • Advanced IP technologies to traditional analog matrix systems
  • Unparalleled HD image quality for maximum detailed views
  • Cutting-edge, scalable solutions customized to your needs
  • Faster video response time
  • Data security to protect against hacking and fraud


Ease of Use and Functionalitygaming4

  • Easily and cost-effectively migrate from Analog to IP Video
  • User friendly and remote management
  • Efficient storage rates
  • Advanced video analytic options
  • Instant video footage recall


Facility Operations and Customer Service Optimization

  • gaming5Identify customer traffic patterns using heat mapping throughout the casino to optimize product placement, identify dead zones, and improve customer service
  • Receive real time reports on the number of people and time spent in different areas in order to optimize staff placement and improve marketing efforts
  • Digital system allows you to pull up footage instantly which allows for better customer service
  • Improve communication between departments and buildings to increase staff productivity
  • Prevent dishonest claims and reduce liability


Technology Optionsgaming6

  • HD Megapixel cameras
  • POS and PMS systems integration
  • Pace of the Game software
  • License Plate Recognition


Parking Lot Safety and Perimeter Security

  • gaming7Receive unparalleled image detail to easily identify thieves, vandals and other criminal activity
  • Maximize parking lot and perimeter coverage to deter theft and vandalism
  • License plate recognition capabilities
  • Receive alerts when vehicles are stopped in no-parking zones or are entering restricted areas
  • Quickly and accurately identify false liability claims to avoid higher insurance premiums


Remote and Mobile Viewing

  • gaming8Cost-effectively manage multiple security and safety systems, regardless of your gaming facility’s size, location or complexity
  • Access live and recorded video from any authorized computer, smart phone, tablet or other device from anywhere in the world, and receive potential threat alerts to these devices
  • Share any image, analytic or report via email or social network for quicker police response times and a more efficient transfer of information


Local Support

  • gaming9TSI provides LOCAL, expert technical support from our highly qualified technicians
  • Rest assured that you will receive prompt, easy and reliable communication and assistance from all TSI staff
  • We offer SMAs (Service Maintenance Agreements) that provide regularly scheduled maintenance and immediate technical support.  (Please see Service Maintenance Agreements for more detailed information)
  • Satisfaction guarantee on all of our services and installations


Benefits of IP video surveillance:
Remote accessibility
HD detailed resolution better for forensic investigations
Intelligent video capabilities with video content analysis
More effective storage capabilities
Complies with open industry standards and can therefore easily integrate with other applications such as alarms, point of sale systems and foot traffic patterns.



We work with all major manufacturers, with the most reliable time-tested products to ensure your gaming facility is fully protected. Contact TSI today to begin solving your casino security needs.




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