TSI Projects

Washington State Health Care Authority

Olympia, WA

Washington Health Care Authority owned an obsolete Video Management and Access Control system with 100 Cameras; 100 access control doors; and 100 device alarms.  When TSI finally received our notice to proceed, they were out of access control credentials that could not be reproduced.  TSI replaced the Video Management and Access Control systems with a new and customized solution while keeping the systems up and running throughout the process.  This included the production of 800 new access control cards, replacement of approximately 100 card readers, 6 master controllers and a server.  We also replaced the obsolete alarm panel with a new Bosch Panel and integrated the alarms into the Access Control and Video Management system.  Since the system was not under a regulatory 24/7/365 mandate, we came in over the weekend while the business was closed to perform the final swap over on the access control system.

Running Creek

Upper Lake, CA

Running Creek reached out to us after suffering months of system issues that inhibited their Surveillance operations.  All progress towards a solution had stalled because their integration company was attributing the system issues to the VMS Software; and the VMS software manufacturer was attributing the issues to the installation.  TSI provided a complete no cost, no obligation, system evaluation to identify the errors and deficiencies as well as a path to move them forward.  We found significant problems with both the installation and the VMS software.  TSI corrected all of the hardware and network issues.  This allowed us to identify and communicate specific software bugs with the VMS manufacturer, so their engineers could make the needed software revisions.

Running Creek is now a satisfied TSI customer.

Three Rivers Casino Resort

Florence & Coos Bay, OR

A Repeat Customer! 

Three Rivers Casinos have been our customer since 2006, we have performed several projects including the Network re-design to one of their systems. Our most recent project included upgrading their existing systems at both properties to include software upgrades and server replacements.

Additionally, Three Rivers maintains a service agreement with TSI for both of their casino properties.

If you would like more information about customized SMA, please email us at info@tsihd.com



Skyline Hotel & Casino

Henderson, NV

This property is located in the heart of Henderson, NV. TSI has provided service and maintenance for Skyline Casino’s old analog system for many years. When the moment came to replace their old system, they requested TSI to design the new system

We completed a total Surveillance system replacement with a completely digital based VMS solution to include cameras, License Plate Recognition and Facial Appearance Search.

Customer satisfaction beyond expectation!

Louisiana Downs Racing & Casino

Bossier City, LA

   Louisiana Downs Racing & Casino is located in the northwestern region of the state of Louisiana. They have asked TSI to replace their obsolete VSM with a customized solution.

The installation required the integration of their Racing, Paddocks and Remote OTB sites with their casino surveillance system.  The system contains almost 800-channels of video; and required dual recording until full implementation was achieved.

Once of the biggest challenges was splitting off one matrix bay and moving it to their racing facility.  The bay was then reintegrated into the system using analog over fiber converters.  The purpose of this task was to allow the surveillance operators to maintain normal analog operations while the analog encoding was being moved from surveillance to that location.


Red Hawk Casino

Placerville, CA

Satisfaction beyond expectation

Red Hawk has been a long-time customer of TSI.  They have added a multi-story hotel and entertainment venue.  The project added over 200 cameras and 6 IDF closets raising their channel count to approximately 1600.  Prior to it, we also replaced their aging servers and implemented a fully redundant Cisco core.

Additionally, Red Hawk Casino has a TSI SMA for their systems through all their gaming and tribal properties.


If you would like more information about our customized SMA please email us at info@tsihd.com

Wheeling Island Hotel & Casino

Wheeling Island Casino & Hotel is one of the Delaware North properties located in Wheeling, WV.  When TSI first met the team at Wheeling Island, they were ready to rip out and replace their video management system.  It had been installed for 5-years “and never worked right.”   TSI kept their VMS and edge switches since they were reliable and under warranty.  We replaced the storage solution and core switch; rerouted and re-terminated their fiber; created new VLANs on the core and edge switches; and then readdressed every device in the system to route properly.  All of the work was performed while maintaining live recording without any down time on the system.  What they thought was a VMS problem was actually a network and storage problem.  We properly diagnosed and corrected the customers problems, saved them money; and the customer has never been happier.

Additionally, Wheeling Island Casino has a 5-year TSI SMA

City of Santa Barbara, Waterfront

Santa Barbara, CA

The City of Santa Barbara Waterfront had an existing camera system that was dated and somewhat functional.  They had an urgent need to replace their existing system and add additional cameras to monitor their parking areas and marinas.  In 2020 TSI installed a combination of Axis multi-head cameras as well as pan/tilt/zoom cameras to cover these areas.  Not only did we accomplish these goals, but we were also able to add several of their existing cameras to the new video recording system.


7 Cedars Resort – A repeat customer!


Owned by the Jamestown S’Klallam Indians, 7 Cedars Casino Resort is located at the heart of Sunny Sequim, WA. It has been a pleasure and honor to watch this resort grow through the years. They added The Cedars at Dungeness Golf Course in late 2006 and just opened a $40M hotel adjacent to the casino.

7 Cedars Casino was one of TSI’s first customers back in 2005 and we can proudly say that TSI has been the integrator of trust since then. More than a client, they are family to us.



Pearl River Resort

Owned and operated by the federally recognized Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, the Pearl River Resort is a beautiful gaming property located in Choctaw, MS. 

The casinos Silver Star Hotel & Casino, and Golden Moon Hotel & Casino are part of this resort, and the Dancing Rabbit Golf Club & Geyser Falls Water Theme Park as well.

These casinos are the only Native American gaming facilities in the state of Mississippi, as the Mississippi Choctaw are the only federally recognized tribe in the state.

Pearl River was planning on performing an in-house upgrade on their VMS solution consisting of more than 40 servers and numerous workstations.  The customer was told by another integrator that they just needed to apply the new licenses.  We informed them that being three major releases behind, the upgrade required staged upgrades which was much more involved.  Once we had a good look at the system, we discovered that their operating system also required an upgrade.  TSI systematically backed up; upgraded and then restored each server while maintaining recording and archived video across the system.  Throughout the process, we involved their on-site technicians; and communicated with the surveillance team in order to inform and educate them on the system.   Not only did we gain a new customer, but also a new family of friends.

Above and beyond expectation. Every time. Proven.

The expertise that you should expect from a security integration company, while maintaining the patience to explain every process in detail. Putting all those involved on the same page, regardless of their level of knowledge on any given upgrade or repair. That’s an extra amenity that you won’t find a charge for on their quotes.

I will always refer to TSI as our TSI family, because they actually care about their clients.”

– Mitch Skelton, Assistant Director of Surveillance, Pearl River Resort

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