School security systems have become a vital and fundamental resource within the educational system.  These campus security systems are no longer viewed as just forensic tools that provide evidence of events that have already occurred. Instead, they are now designed with the expectation of use as proactive tools for prevention and mitigation of potential problems. TSI designs school security systems specifically for the needs of the educational market. Our security systems provide full coverage of your campus environment and allow you to detect and deter misconduct more efficiently, thereby providing quicker response times. TSI’s intelligent combination of physical access control, emergency notification and video surveillance will serve as a deterrent to theft, vandalism and assault, while also providing increased visibility for campus security staff.


School Security Solutions:

  • school2Safeguard students, faculty, staff, visitors and physical assets
  • Perimeter protection of closed, open, and multi-site campus environments
  • Identify, analyze and respond to suspicious activity
  • Control and monitor access to special facilities, dorm rooms and paid-use programs with “universal” cards
  • Detect intrusion, removal of assets and fire
  • Reduce safety risks and liabilities
  • Ability to provide and promote a safer, more secure learning environment

Access Controlfinancial1

  • Restrict and monitor foot traffic for school entrances and exits using authorization codes, access cards, or biometrics
  • Limit access to certain areas of your school using criteria such as time of day, employee, or other desired restriction
  • Secure assets on school property

Video Surveillance

  • financial4Day and night-time video surveillance, alarm-activated recording, or emergency-only surveillance
  • Prevent and manage school violence
  • Reduce safety risks and liabilities
  • Easily identify bullies, vandals, or other offensive behavior

Video Analytics

  • school5Receive real-time event detection and post-event analysis to easily identify and prosecute criminal behavior
  • Receive immediate alerts for the removal of assets, the penetration of unauthorized personnel into restricted areas, or when a fall or other injury occurs
  • Be alerted when suspicious noises are made on school property such as the breaking of a window, in order to detect intrusion

Optimizing School Operations

  • school6Improve communication between departments and buildings to increase staff productivity
  • Receive immediate alarm notifications to security staff before an incident occurs
  • Strategically placed “panic buttons” ensure a quick police response
  • Prevent dishonest claims and reduce liability
  • Improve school-community relations

Parking Lot Safety and Perimeter Security

  • school7Maximize parking lot and perimeter coverage and visibility to deter theft and vandalism
  • License plate recognition capabilities
  • Be alerted when vehicles are stopped in no-parking zones or are entering restricted areas
  • Quickly and accurately identify false liability claims to avoid higher insurance premiums

Fire Notification System

  • Early detection of smoke and heat to protect staff, students and assets
  • Temperature, sprinkler system and pull-station monitoring

Remote and Mobile Viewing

  • gaming8Cost-effectively manage multiple security and safety systems, regardless of your school or university’s size, location or complexity
  • Access live and recorded video from any authorized computer, smart phone, tablet or other device from anywhere in the world, and receive potential threat alerts to these devices
  • Share any image, analytic or report via email or other network media for quicker police response times and a more efficient transfer of information

Local Support

  • school10TSI provides LOCAL, expert technical support from our highly qualified technicians
  • Rest assured that you will receive prompt, easy and reliable communication and assistance from all TSI staff
  • We offer SMAs (Service Maintenance Agreements) that provide regularly scheduled maintenance and immediate technical support. (Please see Service Maintenance Agreements for more detailed information)
  • Satisfaction guarantee on all of our services and installations


Allow TSI to design your custom campus video surveillance system to meet the specific challenges of school safety.