TSI Projects

The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas Strip

TSI proudly designed and performed a complete surveillance and security room remodel at The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas strip in Nevada (an American Casino & Entertainment Property). We replaced the Stratosphere’s legacy system of VCR recording with a brand new Digital Recording Solution that is responsible for recording over 1,500 cameras. The Stratosphere’s newly installed hybrid solution integrates a Pelco 9700 matrix switch to convert analog video streams into h.264 digital video, giving the Stratosphere the most cutting-edge and reliable surveillance department on the world famous Las Vegas Strip. Room tours are made available to casino surveillance and other top security professionals by contacting your local TSI representative.

Stanford University

Stanford, CA

TSI has had the pleasure of working with Stanford University to help increase their level of security by installing an access control system in multiple buildings throughout their campus. This was the first step in an effort to heighten security which will eventually lead to access control systems in roughly 800 buildings throughout the facility.

Wal-Mart Distribution Centers

Hanford, CA and Las Vegas, NV

TSI was selected to be Wal-Mart’s trusted integrator for the complete installation of an Access Control (e-Data) system for both their Hanford and Las Vegas distribution centers. TSI also maintained their systems when needed, providing prompt and reliable service, as well as performing maintenance and repair needs for both facilities.

Red Hawk Casino

Placerville, CA

TSI had the privilege of performing Phase I of the recent Red Hawk Casino surveillance system renovation. This project upgrade replaced their previous 4-year old system with a new Genetec VMS platform solution, consisting of an open architecture design. This new set up included removing the existing analog matrix and upgrading them to a complete virtual matrix consisting of nearly 1500 channels. It has been a pleasure working with the Red Hawk Casino staff and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

4 Bears Casino & Lodge

New Town, ND

TSI’s tradition of expansion throughout the US casino surveillance market continued in 2010 when we entered into a partnership with the 4 Bears Casino in North Dakota. 4 Bears converted their legacy system of VCRs into a brand new, 350 channel hybrid digital recording solution, optimizing both pre-existing analog cameras and 85 brand new HD IP cameras. Having visited all 5 casino surveillance departments in North Dakota, we are delighted to say that TSI is responsible for installing the newest and most cutting edge surveillance network in the state of North Dakota.

NEW! For the new year, 2014, TSI has been chosen to revamp 4 Bears Casino’s old VMS surveillance system with a new Genetec VMS system. TSI was awarded this project due to the long lasting relationship we have shared with 4 Bears.  We are replacing all of the servers and encoders to allow for the new Genetec system.  This new system will be comprised of both analog and 1080HD IP cameras, which will also tie into their POS system and access control.  TSI is happy to continue this relationship with 4 Bears and values them as a loyal TSI customer.

Santa Ana Star Casino

Santa Ana Pueblo, NM

TSI provided Santa Ana Star Casino with a complete DSX access control system upgrade, along with upgrading their servers with LE-5 software from DSX. We also replaced their DSX card readers for 54 doors.

Casino Hollywood

San Felipe, NM

This longtime TSI customer needed a complete system revamp, so TSI designed and installed a new surveillance system, including re-models of their surveillance and equipment rooms, and an upgrade hybrid system to Genetec for 224 channels.

Casino Pauma

Pauma Valley, CA

TSI had the privilege of installing a 500 channel Dallmeier system and Axis High Definition IP cameras at Casino Pauma. We expanded LAN infrastructure to connect IP Cameras, and provided all equipment racks, power strips, and other hardware necessary for the system install. We also provided re-cable and full restoration to all cameras affected during the casino remodel project. Point-of-sale (POS) interface and Emcore operator consoles were also integrated into this system.

Pueblo of Sandia Police Department

Albuquerque, NM

TSI installed a digital, IP based, H.264 system w/ 25 cameras & 3 review clients in the Pueblo’s new Police Department.

This system will be combined with the new Pueblo of Sandia Administration building (10 additional cameras) which is currently starting construction. This will take place after a new fiber optic system has been installed in about 6 – 12 months.

Pueblo of Sandia Education & Wellness

Albuquerque, NM

TSI installed a digital, IP based, H.264 system w/ 42 cameras & 5 review clients. This installation took place in four separate buildings at the Pueblo’s Education and Wellness Complex.

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